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TutorMe Honor Code

The Student’s Honor Code states TutorMe’s high standards for students in academic work and provides policy on how students should conduct themselves when using the TutorMe platform.

Academic Honesty and Integrity

TutorMe’s platform was developed to connect tutors with students. It is not a platform to exchange answers or completed assignments. Effective tutoring is more than simply giving out answers to questions. TutorMe encourages pioneering problem-solving approaches, helping students comprehend the methods required to find the answer instead of giving them the answer and working backward.

TutorMe understands the pressures inherent to an academic environment. School can be stressful, and that stress may lead students to the temptation to cheat. However, as a student, you may not use the TutorMe platform to participate in academic dishonesty of any form. The TutorMe platform brings together tutors and students, so that tutors can help you the student work through assignments. You may not ask tutors to complete tests or assignments, nor request answers without first engaging in the required preparatory work that leads to your understanding of the assignment concepts.

A Quality Assurance team may monitor and review any session or message conducted on the TutorMe site and will suspend users immediately if there is any indication of an attempt to cheat.

Academic Grades are the Responsibility of your Instructor/Teacher and not the Tutor

While rapport and trust between the student and the tutor are critical elements of a successful tutoring relationship, as a student, you are not entitled to promises or guarantees from the tutor about what grade you might earn on an assignment. So please, do not ask your tutor. Students are not guaranteed any particular performance grade on an academic assignment or test as a result of having utilized the TutorMe platform for tutoring.

Subject-Matter Experts are not Essay-Writing Experts

Students who require writing assistance should ask to be matched with a writing expert. TutorMe understands that many classes and courses require students to present their learning in prescribed forms of academic writing, such as essays. However, students who have requested to be matched with a tutor in a different subject matter (i.e. Math, Literature, Biology) may not expect the tutor to be an expert in essay writing.

Using the Platform Responsibly

Students are hereby notified that, to find tutors using the TutorMe platform, all billing and payments must take place on the TutorMe site. Students must never share their credit card or personal information with a tutor. Under no circumstance should students share their email, phone number, or social media profile with a tutor, nor conduct personal discussions with a tutor unrelated to learning. Students who do not comply with this policy may be immediately reported to TutorMe’s Quality Assurance team by the tutor and suspended from the site.

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